About us

Supa Aquatic was started by Reg Hutchinson after his demob from the British Army at the end of the second world war. He had over the years developed an interest in the breeding of Coldwater & Tropical Fish and it seemed a natural progression of his hobby to develop a business manufacturing and supplying fish food and related accessories. The business flourished as he developed the company based on his extensive knowledge of fish keeping.

When Reg retired the business passed to his son Mike who has developed it further on the foundations his father had put in place. The fact that this is a family business has enabled Supa to build a reputation for product development where ideas are quickly translated into the finished item.

Now fast approaching its Diamond Jubilee Supa has always been active in its support of the UK Pet & Aquatic Industry - its attendance at trade shows from the early post war days up to the present day bears testimony to this ongoing commitment.

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