Wild Bird
Wild Bird

Feeding wild birds in the garden all year round is fast turning into one of the UK’s favourite pastimes. Whether you are feeding peanuts,seeds and fat balls or more specialised foods such as Niger seed or mealworms, Supa has a feeder to suit. Many of the feeders are offered in either a value for money range or a more designer led presentation. Also the wild bird accessories range includes such items as Nesting Boxes, attractively designed poles for you to attach feeders to, Fat Ball trees and Bird Baths.

Also launched in the last few years has been a range of dried treat food for wild birds including mealworms, insectivore food and silkworms. In fact so successful have the range of Mealworms been that we have developed a Mealworm Fruit & Honey Cocktail which consist of mealworms with the added benefit of Rowan and Juniper berries plus honey.


  • Whilst the average life span of a Robin is 18 months they have been known to live for 5 years.
  • Starlings are well known for roosting in large flocks – estimates of up to two million are commonplace.
  • Starlings are excellent mimics impersonating such everyday sounds as car alarms, police and ambulance sirens and telephones.
  • Kestrels have magnificent eye site – in human terms they could read newsprint at a distance of 25 metres.